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What We're Google Readering: The Return Of Back-Scratching

It's been a while since we had a linkstravaganza here on The Blogulator, but since we kinda have a newfound readership and DoktorPeace is still in Luxembourg (sorry, Friday video game posts will likely be taking a backseat until he returns), I thought I'd point you to some of the post and sites/blogs/tumblrs/blitherers (one of those is fake) that we've been digging recently. If you want to find more linkageness, check out my Google Reader widget on the sidebar - that green thing toward the bottom. But now, the highlights. Here ye be, intern00bs!

Songs From Treme: Qualler turned me on to this one. The title explains it all (well I guess that one above did too) and that's all it is. Just every number of hours or so dude posts a song-player widget so you can listen to a song that was used in the new HBO/David Simon show Treme. He also conveniently tells you exactly where in the latest episode you can catch that song. Every jazzy/cajuny/bluesy track has been great so far and I can't wait to catch up on the latest episodes via Qualler's DVR.

Fuck Yeah Num-Nums: Just a simple little tumblr that posts whenever they find a picture of delicious food, usually something not good for you (i.e. candy or cake), but also not disgusting like some of the more shock value-ridden food blogs out there. Here's my mostest favorite recent one - a watermelon that looks like a shark! Hey that's delicious AND good for you! Double-score!

Expectation-Free Zone: Sometimes I don't know whether to credit a tumblr that re-blogged something awesome from another tumblr because that's where I found it, or to give the acclaim to the original tumblr responsible for the awesomeness. It's an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in tin foil. Anyway, do you like NBC's Community? Me too. A lot. Do you like The Breakfast Club? Me too. A lot. It's not overrated. No, you're the idiot. Just click the link.

Rosa DeLauro is a Fucking Hipster: I only knew the house of representatives member from Connecticut via the CNN/MPR periphery, but I feel since I started reading this tumblr, I have gotten to know her so much better. Turns out she's a hipster, or so this site contends. Whether it's the truth matters not, because cliches about my people combined with old political figures will most likely always be funny. Is this four out of four tumblrs now? Man, that's rough, Blogger/rest of the internet.

2day Blog: Ah, that's better. Props to Blogulator friend and reader P. Arty for pointing this out to me. I'm a big fan of these kinds of photography projects that seem to be getting a lot of internet love, where the artist combines live photography with drawing or painting for an illusory effect. I'm more partial to this one than the more hyped Alexa Meade one where painted people and took pictures of them on the subway, but both are cool and I hope spur more pleasant ideas like them. This one's also cool. P. Arty, where do you find these?

Daily Intel: Finally, a picture of an anteater riding a pony (I think). Thx Oren!

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