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Special Mid-Day Blog Post: Thanks, Blogger!

(*Clears throat and shuffles some note cards nervously.*)

It has recently come to the attention of The Blogulator staff that one of Blogger's official blogs has named us today's "Blog of Note". They also tweeted about it here. It's true -- we're famous! (Or, we got a few more hits today from people who aren't ourselves or people searching for the answer to whether or not Nick Hexum of 311 is gay.(*))

(*)No, we don't know if he is or not, nor do we care.

So, for new visitors, on behalf of Chris, Brigitte, Lady Amy, DoktorPeace, Sean, and OHD, I say WELCOME! Stay here if you like. Or, whatever, you can do whatever you want, I guess.

Seriously, though. THANK YOU! Alanis Morissette circa her Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie(**) era sings it on our behalf below:

(**) Seriously, though, that was a really weird album.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:24 PM |  

    oi me addd

  2. Blogger Brenda Susan | 7:08 PM |  

    Hi, Just came over from Blogger because they mention you as a "Blog of Note". You look really interesting & I would love to "Follow" you but don't see the Blogger Follow section that I am used to. I'll Bookmark you & return to check you out!

  3. Blogger NicT | 7:33 PM |  

    pretty cool blog

    follow mine if you want
    it's a blog about movies

  4. Blogger Voon | 3:28 AM |  

    nice blog!

  5. Blogger A Good Moroccan | 3:30 AM |  

    Excellent blog !

  6. Blogger Papa Thor | 6:55 AM |  

    Chris I understand, but what's a qualler?

  7. Blogger inkxaviary | 9:27 PM |  

    You are so right about the nightmares brought on by B.B...

    I had terrible dreams about killing people and hiding the bodies right after seeing the 1st season.

    Anywho, I vote to solve the tattooed nazi whore problem by implementing the following chemistry solution:

    Dissolve in vat of acid, preferably not in a bathtub. This also works on other problems like...

    1) Bills.
    2) Dishes.
    3) Lima Beans.
    4) Throwing away old batteries (which conveniently come with their own acid)
    5) Annoying Boyfriends.
    6) Mormons / Jehova's Witnesses

    The possibilities are endless...

  8. Blogger inkxaviary | 9:40 PM |  

    That comment was for the post above this one. fail on my part.

  9. Blogger Lady Amy | 11:03 AM |  

    Love it, inkxaviary! I will have to remember those tips, especially for the bills and lima beans.

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