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Angry Amy Doesn't Understand

What do indie rock, an overly PDA-y married couple, a circus show of a 24-hour news service, and the Asian continent have in common? Nothing! That's why the following makes me soooo ANGRY (watch below)!

Ahhhh, CNN. I should not be surprised to see this from the same "reputable" news source that several months ago debuted a 3-D hologram of their election correspondent all Star Wars style (yeah, that's how you relate to "the kids" these days -- make your correspondent appear out of the side of an R2D2!) and frequently uses scrapbook-esque graphics for their top news stories. But still.
I have now watched at least two of these webisodes because I am totally lame and insist on watching things that make me angry. In both episodes, Handsome Furs just basically tell stories about drunken mishaps and are constantly showering and going out to dinner. This sounds like the easiest job in the whole world! Somehow I must get the Blogulator to send me to Asia to show you readers the continent as only an amateur blogger could show it to you. They can give me a tiny camera and I can get paid lots of money to recount my crazy adventures in my hotel room and never show you a single shot of the tourist attractions of Asia. Then I'll take one of those markers they use to write on the TV during sports game replays, and I'll draw on a squiggly boarder and some hearts and stars. Pitch it to CNN. It's a shoe in.

And THAT'S what makes me angry! To check out more Handsome Furs in Asia video, click here.

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  1. Blogger Papa Thor | 11:01 AM |  

    Ahh, why did you tempt me to watch this! My personal "grinds my gears" utterance is when they describe Hong Kong as the most futuristic city they've ever seen, since they've seen so many futuristic cities I suppose that has real import. I wish someone would for once say something like "It was the third biggest shoe I ever saw!"
    I suppose it's back to the Daily Show to get any real news.

  2. Blogger Dan | 7:02 AM |  

    Wait, was the hologram of correspondents a joke, or was that real???

  3. Blogger Lady Amy | 12:50 PM |  

    Oh, that was real. Yeah...

  4. Blogger chris | 3:30 PM |  

    I loved when Will.i.am was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer via hologram during the 2008 presidential election results, because seeing his periodified name on screen while he was clearly a hologram made it look like our society's turning ever so slowly into Luc Besson's predicted future in The Fifth Element or something.

    Also, recently CNN had Vampire Weekend on answering fans' YouTube'd questions, which was equally as lame and made indie music look even more brainless as Handsome Furs make it look here.

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