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Pop Fashion: It's been awhile...

Hey blog readers!

It's been awhile since I've blogged about America's Next Top Model. Mostly, that's because I'm somewhat bored with this cycle. As a matter of fact, I'm a bit bored with the show in general. Last week's episode featured a photo shoot in which the girls pretended to be vampires (because Tyra is always right on top of the latest trends...like vampires). They had to sit in a bathtub full of blood, which was ridiculous, because vampires would never fill a bathtub with blood just to seductively sit in it with another vampire. Silliness! I'm not really sure what the vampires had to do with fashion, and what the ladies would actually be selling, but, you know...art. One woman cried because she's a mom and constantly dealing with it, and she was almost sent home. But she was given another chance and a different unmemorable girl was sent home.

In this week's episode, the girls had to learn how to work with the opposite sex. They did this by flirting with Nigel Barker on a gondola sky car thing. Not sure what this had to do with fashion either. In fact, I'm pretty sure that Tyra is running out of challenges that have anything to do with fashion but which still manage to make the girls look ridiculous in front of the cameras.

Nigel is pretty good looking, though.

The producers tied in the whole flirting exercise (none of the girls did well...each was more ridiculous than the last, and yet, none of it was interesting) into modeling (the show is about modeling, remember?) by having the girls do a photo shoot with Nigel that calls for "believable intimacy." The girls had to do the shoot with some "comedian" called Ross something who is often on Jay Leno. I did not know who this person was, and when I asked Qualler, he told me that some people think he's funny. Turns out, I am not one of those people. The girls, however, found him VERY funny! So funny that it was distracting to them in the photo shoot (more completely artificial obstacles that have nothing to do with modeling).

The winner of the photo shoot won a bunch of diamonds! But the girl who is a mom and constantly dealing with it was still dealing with it. And when she didn't win, she cried some more. And once again, I did not find this interesting.

I hate to say it blog readers, but the episode didn't get much better than this. The Jays did teach us an important lesson about fake designer purses sold on the street--these fake bags cost the fashion industry tons of money. This is an important cause that the girls' other photo shoot attempted to raise awareness about. Don't buy those fake purses...it costs people their jobs!

I've been watching this show for quite some time now, and I've always had a love/hate relationship with it. I'm starting to feel like the love side is completely fading. I'll probably still tune in each week, as I enjoy having fashion shoots on in the background (it makes me feel pretty) while I'm doing the dishes or surfing the interweb. However, what was once a show that I felt I couldn't miss each week is not quickly becoming a part of my personal pop culture "m'eh" pile. You've lost me, Tyra. Maybe it's time to start a new show...

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  1. Blogger chris | 12:18 PM |  


  2. Blogger Lady Amy | 12:29 PM |  

    For the longest time I got Ross confused with Perez Hilton...probably because they are both annoying fame whores who are constantly dealing with it.

  3. Blogger Lady Amy | 12:30 PM |  

    Oh, and yes, Nigel is super hot but he kinda scares me for some reason. He always looks sexy and angry at the same time, but not like sexy-angry like Vampire Bill in True Blood.

  4. Blogger Papa Thor | 7:21 AM |  

    The thought of bloody bathtubs evokes some painful (and hilarious) memories.
    Also, according to Chris Anderson those knock-off handbags are actually good for the sales of the originals.

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