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The Miley Moment

And now it's time for a brand new feature called...

The Miley Moment!

The Miley Moment is new segment where we here at The Blogulator take a look at what's going on in our favorite teen-celeb's life. Today's topic is prestigious grown-up things in which, for some reason beyond our comprehension, 17-year-old Miley Cyrus is being asked to be involved/share her "expertise."

First, there is The Oscars...

That is Miley, slouching like a little teenaged hunchback Wonder Woman, on the red carpet before the awards ceremony where she presented for Best Song. For a young woman who sounds like a southern valley girl with cotton balls stuffed in her mouth to be asked to present an Oscar really speaks to how accepting Hollywood is really becoming -- or maybe how desperate for ratings. I'm sorry, Academy, you can pack your ceremony with all the buzzed about teens as much as you want, but you're still not going to get "the kids" to watch. Not to say that I don't watch your fine program, but when you boil it down that s#$& is boring! I'm constantly screaming at my TV to get a move on and get to the winners. A hundred Miley Cyruses could not spice it up. Although...no, no. The point is this: what business does Miley have presenting an Oscar? Beats me.

Then, the most recent development came tonight when I was randomly browsing through the crap that they call Tuesday night television. There's Biggest Loser, Deal or No Deal, something on the CW that is NOT Gossip Girl or ANTM, and then ever-infuriating American Idol. And low and behold as I was about to pass right by AI, who was hugging the King of the Douches (aka Ryan Seacrest)? Miley! So I had to keep watching, because what is Miley Cyrus doing associating herself with Ryan Seacrest? Apparently, she was asked to mentor all of the contestants and coach them to get ready for their performances. Whaaaa??

Did you notice that she was STILL slouching? Not that I particularly care about the purity or credibility of American Idol, but I found it to be a bit strange to have a teenager "coaching" these talent show contestants. Then again, she does have like a gazillion hits and a TV show and a Nicholas Sparks movie coming out soon. The makings of an empire. But I found it even more strange that people still care about this show!!! Grrrrrrr....American Idol, you are the bane of my existence!

That's it for today's....MILEY MOMENT!

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  1. Blogger Papa Thor | 6:19 PM |  

    She's like so sentient!
    I can't wait until her pre-frontal cortex develops!
    I just hope she doesn't go to college and get all her wisdom drained out of her.

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