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Tweet that Shi* - NBC Edition

So everyone's heard how Conan is following just that one girl's twitter account, right? Well did you also know that he's following just one fake twitter account? That's right! It's this one!

@Conan: Thx for the add, man! This has totally changed my life and stuff! I can't believe you're following me!

RT@Leno@me: Just like OJ followed Nicole?

@Fallon: Despite everyone forgetting you exist, you put together the best three minutes of television this year. Or maybe because of everyone forgetting...

@SimpleMinds: Forget about me.

@OJ: Tampa's Tropicana Field is totally bugged in MLB 10: The Show, freezing my season. I hate frozen juice...

@friendsandfamily: OMG guise @Leno just retweeted my last tweet!

@nature: You always look so beautiful in video games, so why do I stay in my house so much?

@BluemoundRoad: Oh yeah. You're why.

@suburbanliving: lol jk. Love ya, babe!

@KatherineMcphee: I thought you were Samaire Armstrong for all of tonight's Community episode. Isn't that funny?

@KatherineMcphee: Seriously, though. Let's have sex.

@KatherineMcphee: Huh? Husband? Yeah... Just talk to my friend @nature to find out why I don't care.

@KatherineMcphee: I received your restraining order. It says I'm not allowed within 140 characters of you.

@friendsandfamily: OMG guise @Leno just retweeted my last tweet!

@camwhores: I "wandered" into some random chatroom the other day where a teenage girl was showing off a wall of fan mail she received? For being on the internet, I guess? Kids...

@camwhores: So I told her she had a nice ass and was banned.

@Leno: Of course I'll be on The Marriage Ref once they stop getting real celebrities. I'm hilarious! And on next Thursday!

@friendsandfamily: He did it again. He keeps retweeting...

@nature: I miss you so much...

  1. Blogger chris | 12:35 PM |  

    Haha Fallon's the best. I wish he was on at 10:30.

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