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Oscars Live Blog!

It's that time of the year again, friends. It's that time when we gather all our friends, movie nerds and non-movie nerds, together, in one room, to watch the Academy Awards. This involves drinking movie-themed drinks, like Chris's Avatar-themed margaritas, Avatar-themed Jones Soda cans, and more. This also involves making fun of the constant JCPenney commercials that always seem to dominate the awards. Seriously, JCPenney, peace signs in your logos are soooo 1998.

We did a lot of live-tweetin' of the Oscars last night (at least until the laptop battery went haywire) so you can find most of the room's Oscar-related thoughts here (twitter.com/theblogulator) but here are some general impressions:
  • Hooray for a non-Avatar-related sweep. Longtime Blogulator commenter Papa Thor will be happy that it didn't win because so many different sci-fi writers could have written the screenplay to make it better.
  • The hosts in general, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were pretty m'eh.
  • That break-dancing-to-musical-scores thing? Out of control! What! Were! They! Thinking!
  • Peter Saarsgard's speech introducing Carey Mulligan by saying "Carey Mulligan!" in the CREEPIEST VOICE EVER was pretty weird.
  • Man, I really need to see, like, all of the movies nominated this year. I watch way too much TV. (On that note, what was HBO thinking scheduling Big Love's season finale on Oscar night? Then again, what was Big Love thinking, like, at all this season? Maybe the reason they only got nine episodes was because HBO wanted it to be over sooner. Just a thought.)
What did you all think?

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  1. Blogger chris | 9:37 AM |  

    Haha is that really a picture of James Cameron almost strangling his now Oscar-winning ex-wife?

    I cannot comprehend how that could be construed as a reach for an embrace.

    GREAT NIGHT. Most Oscar party fun I've had since, well, last year. Seriously though, cleaning/cooking for 8 hours yesterday was totally worth it.

  2. Blogger Papa Thor | 7:26 AM |  

    Finally watched the Oscars on our DVR, hope it's not too late!
    Now I get all your tweets!
    BTW: on James Cameron's planet that is the correct way to greet an ex-wife who has won a major award. (There are over 75 different conjugations of the verb "shut up bitch!" on his planet.)

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