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Things I've Learned So Far From Hipsters at South by Southwest

Howdy Bloguteers, from Austin, Texas! Lady Amy recently survived an 18 hour car ride with six college kids to the South by Southwest Music Festival. Yes, it IS that time of the year again! So far I'm about to die of lack of sleep but besides that I am doing just fine. Lots of hipsters here at SXSW, as you may figure. The festival starts tomorrow so I expect the hipster ridiculousness to rise steadily throughout the rest of the week, but so far here are the top 4 things I've learned from the hip and with it crowd at SXSW:

1) Spandex Hotpants are Still in Fashion and are Still Fabulous.

'nough said.

2) There is Such a Thing as Shirts Without Elbows

I've heard of the elbow patch revival...
...but I had no idea that the next big thing is getting rid of elbows all together. Did not get a picture of it, but you get the idea.

3) Coon-skin Caps are Making a Comeback

I had thought that the Davey Crocket fashion train had totally left the building like over a hundred and fifty or so years ago. Apparently it is making a comeback.

4) It is Not Only OK, but Highly Fashionable to Make-out in an Outhouse...

...and not lock the door. Which, I suppose if you are gross enough to make out in one of my new top ten most disgusting places to get it on, locking the door seems like a very minor offense.

That is all for now. I will keep you up to date on the hipster sitings and new fashion trends.

  1. Blogger qualler | 1:57 PM |  

    I need to see a picture of said elbowless shirts ASAP.

  2. Blogger Papa Thor | 7:16 PM |  

    I am curious about your top ten list of disgusting places to make out in. Was your literature search thorough enough?

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