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Avatar Fan Fiction

The tension was palpable.

"Jakesully," Neytiri whispered. "Jakesully, do not worry. He is on your side, and he will help us. He knows that you are now one of us. You are a leader for our people, and he respects you."

Jake wasn't so sure. He turned towards Neytiri and feigned a smile. He touched her soft blue face, running his hand through her hair, caressing her pointy blue cat-like ears. He had never seen a woman so beautiful in his life. He had had many women, to be sure, but none with such a magnificent combination of grace and strength. He looked into her glowing eyes. He knew that he could really love this woman. He smiled again, this time from within. For a moment, his worries melted away, as he stared into her eyes and wondered how such a beautiful creature could have chosen him.

"Jakesully," she whispered again, searching his eyes as her own became clouded with worry. "You must put your trust in him, in our people, as we have put our trust in you. Only through trust and respect can we hope to move forward." She grabbed his face with her hands, suddenly, and her voice filled with an urgency that Jake hadn't heard before. "You MUST trust him, Jake. I know what you are thinking, but you must trust him."

Jake was frightened by the desperation in Neytiri's eyes. He turned his head, freeing his face from her grasp. "Yes, I trust him," he said, not meeting her gaze. Even he didn't believe the lie. He knew that Neytiri didn't believe it, either. But what could he do? The truth was that he didn't have a lot of trust for these people. They had treated him badly, and he was not quite ready to forget that. They had seemingly let him in and accepted him once he fought for them, but would they trust him in times of peace as they had in times of war? War makes unlikely friends that peace soon forgets. Jake knew this. No, he wasn't ready to trust completely, not yet anyway. For now he would proceed with caution and watch his own back.

"Jakesully..." Neytiri's voice was as filled with concern and urgency as ever. Jake took a deep breath and turned to her. He smiled once again. "I trust him, Neytiri. And I trust you. I'm just trying to decide where we go from here. I'm only distracted because I want to make the best possible choices for our people. I don't want to lead them astray." Neytiri did not seem convinced, but Jake took her hands. "Now, I need you to trust me, too. Trust that I love these people."

"I do believe in you, Jakesully." She embraced him. "I don't always know that you believe in yourself, though." Jake could no longer feign a smile. "I just need some time to think. I need to hear what Pandora wants. I'll return soon." Neytiri watched as Jake walked away from her. Even as she told Jake to believe in himself, she knew why he was worried. She was worried, too. He needed to trust these people. But she was not only worried about Jake trusting then. After all, who knows what they would be capable of if they decided that they didn't trust him...

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  1. Blogger chris | 11:59 AM |  

    Hahaha this is torture!!! I just keep wanting more!!!

    Go to the Tree of Souls or the Floating Mountains, Jakesully!! They will tell you what you need to do!!

    Meanwhile, is Colonel Scarface-or-whatever mounting a new attack???

  2. Blogger qualler | 12:06 PM |  

    I love how many times Jakesooley needs to feign a smile. I counted 3 smile feigns and one no-longer-able-to-feign smile. It's hard to love on Pandora.

  3. Blogger qualler | 12:08 PM |  

    "War makes unlikely friends that peace soon forgets." Unbelievable insight, omniscient narrator.

  4. Blogger Papa Thor | 7:12 PM |  

    Here I am in a hotel in Charlottesville, Virginia, watching opening round NCAA games alone on tv. I go to my laptop and am swept away to another place and time. You are a true blessing, Brigitte.
    However, I don't think Jakesully the crip would have had a lot of girlfriends, you are mixing him up with his brother.

  5. Blogger chris | 7:22 PM |  

    From Alison on Facebook:

    "Ehhhh grossamazing."

    Perfect reaction?

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