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What We're Google Readering: Chaos Reigns!

It's not too late to get me this for Xmas, readers!

The Film Experience: I'm not a big fan of a lot of the Best of the 00s lists floating around so haphazardly and without much reflection (it's not even January!) but this one is an exception. Robert from TFE takes a very comprehensive look at the most important directors of the decade, and this entry on Antichrist (they're already makin' t-shirts that I'm sure are selling like gangbusters; see above!) and Dancer in the Dark's Lars Von Trier is particularly thorough and objective, in my opinion. [Chris]

Margene's Blog: Big Love returns in just under a month! So of course the cute/obnoxious marketing tactic of having youngest wife Margene blog about what she's been up to between seasons is back in action. When the show's actually on this annoys me to no end, but having been without the Hendricksons for far too long, I'm glad Qualler shared it, as I can just imagine the adorable looks Margene is giving all the characters! Damn you clever HBO promotions departemnt! [Qualler]

Sparks Fly Up: I absolutely adore the book Looking for Alaska, so I'm glad OHD has pointed out this, John Green's blog, and specifically this, his latest videocast making fun of Twilight and New Moon while simultaneously professing his love for the "beautiful lie" they perpetrate. I think we linked Sparks Fly Up back before I read LFA so I'm glad to be pointed there again. You should be too - the man is a genius. [OHD]

It's Always Sunny... Blog: And in speaking of all things Edward Cullen, I present you with quite possibly the year's best tie in between two timely released but couldn't be more dissimilar items of pop culture, New Moon and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If you haven't seen the brilliant episode titled "The D.E.N.N.I.S. System" of the otherwise off-and-on latest season of Sunny, do yourself a favor and watch it on Hulu by clicking here. As series co-creater/co-star Glenn Howerton points on the Sunny blog, Mr. Cullen is indeed not all that much different from Dennis Reynolds. [Chris]

Boing Boing: Not a lot of suggestions came my way for WWGR this time around, so I bring you two of my favorite shared items as of late, once again from former Raido K DJ Oren. The first of which is such mandatory viewing that the local news team from KARE 11 featured it as their "Before We Go" fluff feature earlier this week. It was quite something to watch Mike Pomeranz giggle almost uncontrollably at an adorable kitten YouTube video, but the man should not be blamed. This is the best YouTube sensation since that other cat did something cute and hilarious. [Shared Item]

Black Eiffel: Blogulator reader and friend Lane always shares very sleek and cool design-related blog posts, but they usually fly under my radar because I'm not, well, stylish. However, when she shared this new Lego set featuring Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, I seriously squeed. Very cool! Is this something kids could get into though? Or is it another Where the Wild Things Are fiasco? Ah who cares, if I can get pleasure out of doing a cat puzzle when I'm 25, I can definitely get behind building the Guggenheim out of Legos at 26. [Chris]

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