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Kids Today: Tis the season...

Hey everyone! That magical time of year has come already, when MTV has its season finales and makes way for new programming which begins in January! Now, I know I've already complained about how much I miss the old, traditional seasons that would guarantee a television show to last from fall until spring, I'm kind of OK with these particular shows coming to an end (at least for now).

Tuesday night we saw the season finale of both The Hills and it's more enjoyable spin-off The City. And what fantastic cliff hangers were we left with at the end of the season? Well...Brody likes Kristen, and Whitney has to make a decision that will make or break her career. Oh, and Spencer admitted to Heidi that he might one day want to have a baby, maybe, and by gum, that was enough for her! What a great guy, that Spencer. She was so happy to hear that he might someday want to be a dad that she probably won't try to surprise him with a pregnancy anymore. Hooray!

The Hills ended with Kristen and Justin deciding to give their relationship a chance. But we the audience know that Brody also has feelings for Kristen, despite his recent reconciliation with Jayde! What is with everyone liking Kristen? I just don't get it. She's not that cute, she's a total b****, and...she's not that cute. Audrina is way cuter. Heidi is way cuter. Even Lo is way cuter. She doesn't seem to have much of a personality, either. Oh well...I guess everybody loves Kristen.

Or do they?

According to an article from the LA Times, it's all a hoax! Kristen and Justin are totally not even together! What am I to believe?! The interview with Justin Bobby is perhaps the most vague and fuzzy interview I've ever read--not the questions, just the responses. Mr. Bobby certainly likes to answer straightforward questions such as "Are you and Kristin in a romantic relationship" and "are you still a hairdresser" with "not necessarily" and "not particularly," respectively. Not particularly? Really, Justin? Are you unsure about your profession? Can you elaborate for us? No, you can't, because you have to go on stage at The Hills live afterparty and pretend to be in a relationship? OK then.

Though I missed the live after-show special, unfortunately, but while I was watching The Hills, I did see the promos in between scenes of Heidi, Spencer, and all my other good friends. The hosts of the afterparty promised that Kristin and Justin would make their first appearance as an official couple. While the article claims that they were clearly not a "couple," it seems like they did go along with that perhaps invented title and only gave vague "well, we'll see what happens in the second season" answers when asked directly whether they are romantically involved. We'll see what happens in the second season???? I'm pretty sure that answer only works when the writers of a show don't want to give anything away. If this is real life, how can there be spoilers? How can we wait to find out whether they are in a relationship by watching the second season?

I really wish that MTV would just give up the "reality show" aspect of The Hills and just give everyone what they want: a really highly produced scripted drama in which good looking people deal with problems that aren't really problems. I would like to know how many viewers tune into the show because it's "reality," and how many tune in because they want to see an over the top fight between Kristen and Audrina.

I was much more entertained by the season finale of The City...probably because those characters acutually have jobs and lives. I look forward to another season, and I hope we the viewers will get to see how Whitney's fashion show goes! Whitney, if you read this, we at the Blogulator are rooting for you!

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  1. Blogger qualler | 4:08 PM |  

    Spencer is so infuriating because Spencer can pretty much be a total a-hole but when he just barely hints at apologizing to Heidi, she takes him back like nothing happened. And Heidi's infuriating because she does crap like goes on music awards shows to perform.

    So glad The City is not only watchable but pretty entertaining now!

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