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Cable Television Rundown: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Out On A High Note

(See what I did there? I made a Seinfeld reference in the subject of a blog post about the Curb Your Enthusiasm season finale, in which the Seinfeld reunion was consummated! Having said that, I won't do it again.)

Last night's Curb finale capped off what to me was the best season for a comedy series of the year, both hilarious and brilliantly written (if a show that is largely improvised can be considered written). In last night's final episode of the season (and, series?), "Seinfeld", we were treated to a trademark Curb style plot, involving a vindictive coffee maker named Mocha Joe, who cruelly forced Larry into running errands for him after Larry misunderstood that you still tip for a favor, as well as forcing Larry into the role of "Larry David, Wood Detective" after a water ring was left on an antique table of Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. We were also treated to a very small (as in, not very many pages) book written by Jason Alexander titled "Acting Without Acting". We were also treated to a mini-Jerry Seinfeld "What's the deal with..." speech about the phrase "Having said that..." which, in the arms of anybody else wouldn't be funny at all.

Best of all, we were treated to a show-within-the-show of the final produced Seinfeld reunion, which actually wouldn't have been so bad to watch in real life. The show-within-the-show was funnier than 90% of other sitcoms on today as it was. Most memorably, we were treated, albeit briefly, to Larry David filling in for Jason Alexander to play George in a rehearsal for the reunion. I do not believe you can get more meta than a scene depicting a man, who is playing a fictional version of himself on Curb, filling in for the fictional version of himself on Seinfeld. Not to mention, Larry did Alexander a great favor by showing how great of an actor Alexander truly is for the role of George while Larry horribly over-acted the part.

So, now that the Seinfeld reunion is complete, and Larry and Cheryl are back together (albeit shortly before Larry inadvertently giving Cheryl a reminder why he annoyed her so much in the first place with a recurrence of Larry David, Wood Detective), what's next for Curb? The series has grown for me to be my favorite of the year and, possibly, of the decade. It has also enhanced the standing of Seinfeld in my personal faves list. But what can Larry David do to top the finale of this one? Reportedly David takes his sweet time before deciding to do new seasons of Curb in general and he might be tempted to go out on a high note (Seinfeld reference!) with last night's pitch-perfect finale.

But knowing what we know about Larry David, Curb, and Seinfeld, neatly-tied endings are not high on his list. In fact they may be high on his list of things that annoy him, along with tipping, doctors, shrink-wrapped electronic devices, people who read their BlackBerry while conversing, nine-year-olds who text-message him, and Marty Funkhauser. So, I wouldn't be surprised if we end up seeing another season of Curb in a couple years. Hopefully it will be as inspired and constantly hilarious as this season has been.

p.s. Be sure to check out Chris' new mindblowing blog in which he counts down the Top 100 Albums and Movies of his life! I can't come home, Grace. I'm an adult.

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  1. Blogger chris | 5:34 PM |  

    Oh man, this post (and the eps we watched last night) has made me SRSLY reconsider my Top 5 Comedies of the Year.

    I actually liked the penultimate even better than the finale. LEON!!!

  2. Blogger qualler | 6:32 PM |  

    Haha yes I agree, the penultimate was full of even more laffs, punctuated by Leon, whereas the finale just pulled all the laffs and the plotting together beautifully.

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