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Pop Fashion: Another Cycle Ends

This week, another cycle of America's Next Top Model came to a close. For the first time in ANTM history, I really like the models who are left in the final two. I'm not sure why this cycle they decided to narrow it down to two girls instead of the typical three, but, whatever. My favorite girl, Nicole, is in the final two. You may recall from my post about the first episode of this cycle (it seems like only yesterday...) she carried a rusty wheel barrow to school instead of a backpack. Right away I knew she'd be my favorite. Throughout the competition, she did not disappoint, and she turned out to be not only the token weirdo in the model house, but also a pretty fantastic model. She consistently took good photos, she was never catty with the other girls, and I think she showed a lot of growth throughout the cycle.

But oh, why do I always let myself get attached?! I feel like Fern in Charlotte's Web. I know those piggies are not meant to be kept as pets...but I just can't help myself! I always get attached and then I always get too emotionally involved in these episodes. I can't just watch all the pigs be taken off to slaughter, cold and detached--I always pick a Wilbur. And this cycle, Nicole is my Wilbur.

In this final episode, we learn again that Nicole was a weird kid with no friends, and that she would often have to sit alone in bathroom stalls a la DJ Tanner on the first day of high school because she couldn't stand to eat alone. Making it as a finalist in ANTM will surely show high school kids everywhere what they were already supposed to learn from watching Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club: that weird girls who keep to themselves are probably secretly hot, so you should be nice to them. All Laura teaches us is that girls from a small town who are kinda dumb can also be beautiful, and I'm pretty sure we already knew that.

My favorite part of the cycle finales is not the runway show (and this show was nothing special), but the photographic rhetrospective. I like remembering each week and each photo shoot challenged. It feels like ending a movie with a delightful montage, just in case we were sleeping through parts of it. And, of course, I love seeing the Cover Girl commercial. I thought that both girls did pretty well, no one ended up crying and no one completely forgot the lines. Another fun thing about watching ANTM is that we get to catch up with former winners to see how successful they are now, and be reminded how Tyra made it all possible. Thanks again, Tyra! You believe in me--I mean them! You believes in them!
Before announcing the winner, Tyra tells the girls "this had been a long and beautiful journey" and reminds them that the show is called "America's Next Top Model," not "America's Next Top Models." Throughout the entire episode, and especially during the judging, I thought that Laura would win. Much to my surprise, Nicole is America's Next Top Model!! I'm so proud of my little weirdo. She was my Wilbur!! Take that, other girls who were mean to her throughout the show! Her last words to the viewers are "I'm a dork, and I'm America's Next Top Model!" Keep dreaming, girls eating lunch in bathroom stalls across America. Tyra believes in you!

P.S. Today I purchased a copy of Lauren Conrad's novel, L.A. Candy. Yes, I am continuing to add to the wealth and celebrity of these horrible people. Look for a review very soon.

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  1. Blogger chris | 9:57 AM |  

    I LOVE ALLY SHEEDY in The Breakfast Club. Doritos on your sandwich!

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