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What We're Google Readering: Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiit

Pajiba: It was my birthday Thursday and Pajiba apparently gave me a present. Not literally, but what better thing to find on the only site I make sure to check everyday besides The Blogulator than a video compiling the 100 Greatest Quotes from The Wire? Bubbles made me cry with only a 2-second clip! [Chris]

Magnificent Bastard: I know making fun of Jon and Kate is so five minutes ago, but this is one of the more comprehensive looks at the more despicable half of the infamous pair. Ah I am so behind on the making-fun-of-people-who-wear-Ed-Hardy bandwagon, but Qualler has surely found a gem here. [Qualler]

People of Walmart:
I feel a teensy bit bad scrolling through the magnetic pages of this site, documenting the various customers of everyone's favorite low-priced megastore, but ultimately, OHD is right. It's impossible to look away. [OHD]

YouTube: The king of YouTubing brings us another gem, just in time for the release of Roland Emmerich's disaster movie to end all disaster movies, 2012. This clip re-edits the admittedly-mesmerizing but sensationalistic CGI-mucked trailer so that it's only the actors (Cusack, Peet, McCarthy) speaking - no effects. It hurts a little inside that the man who wrote The Station Agent and played a pivotal role in Season 5 of The Wire can also do so poorly when in the wrong vehicle. Pun! [DoktorPeace]

Best Week Ever: I also immediately thought of this, my favorite sketch from The Dana Carvey Show (probably many others' too), when the Maine repealing same-sex marriage thing happened last week. Trust me; if you haven't seen "Skinheads From Maine," do yourself a favor and watch this. [Chris]

Munch My Benson:
Straight from the horse's mouth - "My friend Josh, he of the Inconsiderate Prick blog and brother of Drew (The Apple Capital Rumble) has started his third blog, entitled Munch My Benson, which is a blog analyzing and discussing...Law and Order: SVU, all day every day. I kid you not. It's pretty amazing." [Qualler]

Flickr: This is pretty self-explanatory. Legs on movie posters. It's many things, but most notably: creepy. So very very creepy. I will never look at another movie poster again without thinking, "what if we got a crotch's point of view?" [DoktorPeace]

YouTube: Out of all the totally hip items Blogulator friend Peter, aka SovietPanda of the now staple Twin Cities dance night Too Much Love, this is probably the best thing he's ever shared. The Top 50 Worst Examples of Voice Acting in Video Games. Check #18 in particular. I would play video games if they were all full of dialogue like this. [Shared Item o' the Week]

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