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Angry Amy on How Being a Giant Tease Really Does Keep People Interested

If anything should be a barometer for your relevance as a musician/as a person, it should definitely be that #1 Billboard hit you wrote back in the '70s. But for some people it's just not good enough to have a very popular song which everyone will recognize for decades to come. No, those people want more. They want everyone to not only recognize their song forever, but to have people want to talk to them forever too. If you want to remain wanted for a long time you have to give the people a reason to talk to you. And what better way than to unnecessarily keep a secret that everyone wants to know for so long that hopefully a new generation of people are losing sleep over it?! So those musicians feign letting their art speak for itself while continuing to coyly solicit interviews about their song.

Yes, I AM talking about you, Carly Simon!

Does anyone still alive even care about who the subject of "You're so Vain" is? Cuz it's becoming increasingly obvious to this blogger that interest is fading - and fast - or Ms. Simon wouldn't be upping the stakes of her coquettish game of "guess who." Last week, Carly Simon went on WNYC's music talk show Soundcheck only to dangle another clue like a carrot hanging over the head of a well-fed, contented, sleeping horse. This time, she embedded the name "David" backwards into a new recording of the song because that's totally what the kids spend their time doing these days - listening to records backward so our parents won't find out what's really in that rock and roll music we listen to!

I must admit, this Angry Amy episode has been festering since 2003, when Simon auctioned off the piece of useless information for $50,000 at a charity auction (which I always thought was an ironically vain move). Then in 2004, she told Regis Philbin that she planned on letting it out in "dribs and drabs," giving out an "A," "E," and "R" (according to Wikipedia). Here's Simon flirting like a schoolgirl about the song with Ellen in 2008...

When will this stop?!?!?!? Please , for the love of all that is holy - Carly Simon, sh** or get off the pot. And that's what makes me angry!

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  1. Blogger Papa Thor | 10:27 AM |  

    Actually, I think that song is about me.
    [Sorry, this was below even my standards for funny comments but I was too anxious to be first, please don't be angry with me Lady Amy!]

  2. Blogger Lady Amy | 10:58 AM |  

    So angry! It's difficult not to direct my anger at the first person I hear from.

  3. Blogger chris | 1:35 PM |  

    I like when you use words like "coyly" and "coquettish", Lady Amy!

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