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What We're Google Readering: Well Excuse Me, Princess!

YouTube: Sean wins this week because of this extraordinary find. Someone has edited all four thousand times the way assy Link says "well excuse me, princess!" in the 1989 Zelda animated series. The best part? There were only 13 episodes. As Sean noted in his brief email to me, "a million laughs." So very true, my friend. So very true. [Sean]

Unreality Magazine: This may be basic freshman college level gender studies crap, but I still find it fascinating. The Disney prince and princess spectrum analyzed! [Chris]

The A Team: We said we'd be tracking our friend Anna's first novel's press coverage up through its January release date, and we're sticking to that promise. The first review of the mystery All Unquiet Things! [Qualler]

Regretsy: I only just recently found out about Etsy, what with Jerksica and I planning out the five million different permutations of what our wedding could be next year, but OHD has uncovered the anti-Etsy. Remarkably, a lot of the DIY stuff here is actually a lot more appealing to me than the stuff on the regular site. [OHD]

Top Cultured: I had no idea what "Balloon Boy Gets the Fresh Prince Treatment" meant when I first read this headline, but it's such an enigmatic lure that I had to find out. And so should you! Even if you're burnt out on the coverage of Falcon's faux-adventure, trust me. It's worth it. [Chris]

Black Bloggah: For those that were unaware, Qualler's on the board of the great local independent arts organization Intermedia Arts. So here's a heads up about a fellow Intermedia Arts'er appearing on the great local radio station KFAI's arts program soon! [Qualler]

Best of Wikipedia: Google Reader's starting to become like Facebook in that I'm now following people I only kinda know, which feels slightly weird, but also fun when people like former volunteer Oren at my college workplace (Radio K) share some gangbusters stuffs from the Interwebs. Here's his latest contribution to my daily intake - a blog that aggregates the most notable entries from everyone's favorite online encyclopedia. This particular one gives you the nice warm fuzzies. [Shared Item o' the Week]

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