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2 More Days till Halloween!

Hello everyone! Just two more days till Halloween! Hooray! All the world is aglow with the Halloween spirit, and I've been no different. My pumpkin is carved, and as I sit here in the dark with nothing but the eerie glow cast from my jack-o-lantern's crooked smile and my computer screen, I can reflect upon the scary movies I've seen and those I hope to see soon in honor of this holiday.

Last weekend some friends gathered with me for some Halloween cheer, and as is my annual tradition, we carved jack-o-lanterns and watched my all-time favorite holiday movie. I don't have a DVR description for this one, because I own the DVD (I like to watch it sometimes even when it's not Halloween); however, I did watch the documentary feature on my DVD which told about the making of Halloween. The film's biography told me that the movie's original concept was something to do with babysitters. The producer liked this idea because: everyone in America knows what a babysitter is! I found this strange because of all the words I would use to describe the central plot of this movie, "babysitter" is not one of them. Sure, I guess the characters are babysitting, but, I never really thought of this as a film about babysitters. Interestingly, the documentary also said that this was the first movie made about Halloween. Ever. I was a little suspicious of this claim, but...I'll buy it. First movie about Halloween or not, this is certainly the quintessential Halloween movie, and none of the sequels or remakes come close to it's suspenseful and beautifully shot scenes. If it isn't part of your family's annual tradition, I would suggest purchasing your own DVD. Soon you'll find it's just as cherished a holiday film as How the Grinch Stole Christmas and you'll enjoy experiencing it with your family and friends as much as I have with mine.

Cruel World
This 2005 release (and btw, the movie seems WAY more dated than 2005) stars Edward Furlong, and I have to say that Qualler, Chris, and I could hardly enjoy the movie because we were so weirded out by how chubby and weird he had gotten. It also took us about 30 minutes to catch the clever play on words in the title: Cruel World is supposed to sound like Real World. Get it? That really popular reality show? But this is a reality show with a terrifying twist indeed! The DVR description reads: "A deranged reject from a TV reality show holds hostage a group of curvaceous college students." Now, call me sexist, but based on that description, imagine my surprise when half these students turned out to be male. The movie was not nearly as sexy as I would have imagined, but it did hold our attention until the end. In one particularly un-sexy scene, Edward Furlong's retarded brother who is also his partner in crime is chasing after one of these college students, trying to kill her, and in order to escape, she pees on him. She is climbing a tree, he's following her up the tree, and she pees. On. Him. I think it goes without saying that I would definitely recommend this movie.

A Scooby-Doo Halloween
This came out in 2003, but Casey Kasem still did the voices...the DVR description says: "The gang spends Halloween in a town where a ghost disrupts the annual festivities, which include a performance by the rock band KISS." That's right, KISS is the guest star. In 2003. Spoiler alert!! It isn't really a ghost. It's just a disgruntled towns person.

I haven't had as much time as I would have liked to watch all the movies piling up on my DVR, but I still have a couple days left! Some films that I'll have to give a shot include:

Ring of Darkness
2004. DVR description: "And unwitting singer joins a boy band in which the members ar really zombies in disguise." This could go one of two ways, but I'll give it ten minutes to impress me.

1983. DVR description: "A programmer at a TV station that specializes in adult entertainment searches for the producers of a dangerous and bizarre broadcast." I have seen this Cronenberg classic once before, though it's been a few years, and I look forward to watching it again (theme party, anyone?). The programmer at that TV station doesn't know what he's getting himself into!!

2008. Starring Rachel Miner. NO DVR DESCRIPTION FOR THIS ONE, FOLKS! What could it mean? The lack of description is more gruesome and horrifying than any spine-chilling summary my DVR could have come up with. I'll definitely have to give this one a try.

In addition to these and the many more scary movies that I'll have to watch from the safety of my own home, I might end up seeing Lars von Trier's Antichrist when it comes to Minneapolis theaters. I don't really want to see it, since the preview was enough to give me nightmares, but it's already gotten into my head, and much like the lack of a DVR description for the movie Hide, my own imagination is probably scarier than any movie could ever be. Although...that might not be true about this movie. Expect a review from me in the coming weeks if I'm able to drag myself out from under the fort I'll surely have made out of blankets and pillows where I'll sit whimpering and refusing to let go of my flashlight. Until then--Happy Haunting, everyone!

P.S. All joking aside, I understand that sometimes watching scary movies can just be too much to handle. If you need a break from the horror this weekend, I suggest visiting my favorite website. It's sure to chase the monsters away. :) And don't worry, it's work appropriate. In fact if you have your volume turned up at your desk you'll probably make a friend out of that grouchy cubicle neighbor to your right!

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  1. Blogger Papa Thor | 8:40 AM |  

    Brigitte, you embody the true spirit of halloween, after all, halloween is not just about candy, and dressing up, and gruesome murders, but it's a feeling you have deep in your heart.

  2. Blogger Unspar! | 11:37 AM |  

    I've always kinda wanted to see Videodrone!

    And Ring of Darkness sounds like one of the greatest films of the last 10 years! A boy band whose members are actually zombies in disguise??? BRILLIANT!

  3. Blogger chris | 1:36 PM |  

    I WANNA WATCH VIDEODROME!!! I saw it once when I was like 14, watching the Sci-Fi Channel late at night, and it TOTALLY creeped me out. James Woods is THE CREEPIEST!!!

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