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Angry Amy Watches Sunday Night TV

You know what makes me angry?!! Home video clip shows!! I hated America's Funniest Home Videos. I hated it the second time when it was called The World's Funniest Moments and Bob Saget transformed into Arsenio Hall. I have hated every new spin on the video clip show idea, and I hate it even more now that it's been given an extreme name and some hip young hosts.

As this very nondescript video clip is trying to say, The CW has launched a new Sunday evening show consisting of a bunch of "friends" sitting around a television supposedly playing home video clips for one another. (I think we, the viewers, are supposed to be the sixth friend -- the one who sits up real close to the TV, completely unaware of his surroundings and can't see the other people in the room). The episode I stumbled up on Sunday evening was just a "real or fake?" episode in which each of the "friends" played a clip for the others and everyone had to guess if it was real or fake. Very inventive, CW. You can check out some other episodes for yourself here.

Here is how the CW describes their resurrection of this old idea: "A cadre of energetic video jockeys takes online videos submitted by viewers around the world and adds their own humorous spin." What the hell is a "video jockey?!!" I have never heard that term before ever. Next time I invite my friends over for a move - strike that - next time I even work the remote at someone else's house, I'm going to call myself a "video jockey." Cuz, I'm pretty sure this show makes that okay.

What is NOT okay, though, is this...

These are two of the hosts of Smash Cuts. As if it weren't enough to have two Lonely Island Boys wanna-bes hosting, the network decided to pay FIVE hosts to play a video clips for the 10 people (approximately) who are actually watching The CW on a Sunday night.

So, in summary: pointless show, gimmicky style, and obnoxious hosts = NO! And THAT'S what makes me angry!

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  1. Blogger Papa Thor | 8:02 AM |  

    So Lady Amy, did you hate AFHV right away? The first season had some funny stuff. I think the one where the camera was set up on the beach and then a dog came by and pee'd on it was pretty hilarious.
    We still have the clip where little Brigitte sips the communion wine and makes a funny face, I've been procrastinating about sending it in, maybe now is the right time?

  2. Blogger chris | 1:39 PM |  

    Remember the whole "Wanna Be a VJ?" fiasco on MTV back in the day? It only makes sense that we go from Matt Pinfield and Kennedy to Jesse Camp and Sway to now these doofuses. I thought I knew what a video jockey was, but if that also now applies to people introducing YouTube clips, then Bob Saget was the original "VJ".

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