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Wannabe Stars: They're Nothing Like Us

Oh, the things people will do to get on TV! As the resident celebrity blogger here at The Blogulator, I have remained pretty silent on two very important - we'll call them "incidents" - that have gone down recently that now I believe may be the marker of a new incarnation of fame-chasing. I am, of course, talking about the "Balloon Boy" hoax and the "White House Crashers" security breach. And though it has yet to be proven that the White House party crashers were indeed uninvited guests of the state dinner, both incidents are surrounded by speculation and accusations of intentionally breaking the law in order to get famous.

Is this the new way to get on TV? First, people had to pack up their lives and move out to Hollywood hoping to get their big break on the big screen. After the invention of reality TV, we poor nameless saps were injected with the notion that maybe everyone can have their 15 minutes. Then, with the coming of reality TV celebrities like Heidi and Spencer, those same poor nameless saps got it into their heads that they too can be uber-famous for doing nothing. All they need is the opportunity to get on TV and do something crazy, like wear a bikini for an American Idol audition or be a giant bee-atch to Donald Trump, and they'll go down in history.

So I guess it makes sense that now we're seeing desperate attempts by ordinary crazies to get their own reality television series, and even worse than that, the media is rewarding them for it. Here are the White House crashers on The Today Show:

I'm sure it is very "devastating" and "unbearable" for a couple of attention whores to have the entire country talking about their celebrity encounters and offering them interviews on one of the most viewed morning talk shows! What's even worse was the ridiculously boring 20+ minute interview of the "Balloon Boy" family on Larry King Live that Larry King obviously didn't even want to be present for:

The kid just admitted it was all a hoax and Wolf Blitzer didn't even flinch! No follow-up questions, nothing! And that's why you don't send Wolf Blitzer to do your interviews, no matter how boring and pointless you may think they're going to be. Maybe this all just goes to show that people will continue to be complete and utterly irresponsible a-holes to get what they want and we'll continue to give it to them. Sure, they may go to jail or have to pay a fine. But everyone will know their names -- or at least their headline names.

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  1. Blogger Papa Thor | 12:51 PM |  

    The Larry King interview was painful to watch. But he's always painful to watch. I always have to check to make sure we don't have the DVR on pause when watching Larry King. Plus, I think Wolf Blitzer is backwards-named, his alter-ego superhero persona, I suppose revealed when he peels off his fake beard, a dynamic, disco dancing Nazi-hunter named Bob Smith.
    BTW: Thanks Lady Amy, because of all your relentless celebrity watching I don't have to!

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