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Blogulator Radio Episode #5: Judge + Coach = Joach

Have you listened to the latest episode of Blogulator Radio yet? Well head on over to the Fancy Pants Gangsters Netcast Network already and get on that already! This week on the TV-centric broadcast, Chris and DoktorPeace play a variation on Two Truths and a Lie, in which they each present to the other three prospective ideas for scripted programs in development, two of which are actually in the midst of becoming realities, and one of which is a complete fabrication. Spoiler alert: the Doktor is way better at this game than Chris. Also, it's pretty easy to come up with pitches. If only we knew somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody...

Chris also once again invites his wife Jerksica to join him in blathering about competitive reality television, specifically regarding the recently wrapped America's Next Great Restaurant and the the newly debuted The Voice, both coming from the masterminds at the National Broadcasting Corporation, and both of which are terrible/terribly entertaining. Enjoy their "discourse" and more on this week's downloadable/streamable wondrousness that is Blogulator Radio!

Got something you'd like us to cover on the netcast? Leave a comment here or email us at bradio@fancypantsgangsters.com - thanks!

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  1. Blogger DoktorPeace | 11:24 PM |  

    I need to remember not to ad lib, as a cursory glance at Don Cheadle's IMDB page reveals he was in a ton of TV, including Picket Fences. I'm waiting for our fan base (Cameron Richardson) to ream me on that one. Excitedly waiting...

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