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Blogulator Radio Episode #3: Foghorn

Just a quick note that episode three of Blogulator Radio is alive and kickin' over at Fancy Pants Gangsters. This week, Chris takes the reins and brings in Lady Amy (ALL THE WAY FROM CHINA! WOW TECHNOLOGY!) to discuss missing American TV and the recent news surrounding the cancellations of ABC's long-standing soaps One Life to Live and All My Children, along with other guests like our own DoktorPeace to discuss Friday Night Lights and Chris's boo Jerksica to talk/snark about the newest and inarguably most ridiculous(*) season of American Idol.

(*)Editor's note: Just the presence of walking scarecrow Steven Tyler is enough to make it the most ridiculous season ever, and that is without any knowledge I have of the show. Thanks for watching it so I don't have to, Chris!


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