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Blogulator Radio Episode #2: Is Our Opinion Valid?

The second episode of the Blogulator Radio netcast, featuring television news, reviews, and random squabbling, is officially up, courtesy of the Fancy Pants Gangsters network. Click the link for the download link and embedded stream to hear talk of the recent multi-season renewal of Mad Men, the cancellation of FX's Lights Out, and the currently airing second season of Archer. Esteemed Blogulator reader and friend Paal guest co-hosts with Qualler and Brigitte this week and next week will feature Chris and special guests to be announced. To whet your appetite, here are two choice quotes whose context you will only know if you listen/subscribe right now to...Blogulator Radio!

  • "What is a producer but a giant penis?" -Brigitte
  • "The internet is a dying breed." -Qualler

You can also check out Blogulator Radio via Facebook and Twitter, and email us with your TV questions and topic suggestions at bradio@fancypantsgangsters.com.

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