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Blogulator Radio Episode #4: Forever Young

Hey hey! Episode numero quatro of Blogulator Radio, featuring the lovely voices of Qualler and Brigitte, is up now via Fancy Pants Gangsters. This week's talkathon focuses on the season two finale of NBC's Parenthood. I have yet to listen, but word on the grapevine is that Brigitte liked it while Qualler thought it was problematic. I hate to say it, Brigitte, but I'm gonna side with Qualler on this one! That also may be because one of my biggest pet peeves is wonky timelines, though, so it's not like I'm giving up on the show entirely. But enough about my opinions (though they ARE valid) - take a listen, already!

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  1. Blogger qualler | 9:48 AM |  

    One of my quibbles was with timeline, too! But, Brigitte made a case that the timeline wasn't actually an issue. I'm slightly skeptical still, but listening. Also, she'll hit me if I don't listen.

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