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Kids Today: A Review, and some Fan Fiction

Well, readers, The Pregnancy Pact came and went, and apparently it totally killed in the ratings. I give it a solid B, but I'm judging it against other movies of its type. Were I to judge it against all other films, it would probably receive a C. It was entertaining, in a ridiculous sort of way. However, I was confused by the characters and their motivations. At first it seemed as if some of the girls were getting pregnant on purpose, but not our main character. However, we later discover that she, too, got pregnant on purpose.

Another weakness, for me, was that the movie began after the pregnancy pact was already underway. It didn't really get into the background of the girls, or what led them to make the ridiculous decision to all get pregnant together. It also didn't establish what the girls were like, and what the school was like, before the pregnancy pact. And really, I already knew this by watching the news, so I was hoping the writers would provide me with some fictionalized background to make the story more meaningful and the characters more human.

One theory I had heard about the infamous pregnancy pact scandal was that the school made up the pact to cover up the fact that students were getting pregnant at an alarming rate due to a lack of sex education. There were certain times in the movie when it did seem like maybe the pact was made up, but then the girls confess to it and we get to see in flash-back style when they all decided to have babies together because it would be so totally fun to dress them in cute little clothes. Again, I would like for the characters to be something more than dumb girls who got pregnant simply because they thought it would be fun.

Another frustration with the film was Thora Birch's character, who was a successful (???) blogger, which of course meant she had a video blog and was a reporter.

Now, here's more Avatar fan fiction:

Jake turned to face his people. His eyes scanned their desperate faces, and their eyes met his, hopeful. He took a deep breath, and began to speak as Neytiri translated.

"My friends," he began, "we have been through a great trial. We have seen our home nearly destroyed; we have witnessed the kind of corruption and evil that exists all around us. We have lost our friends, or family, our children. We are bruised, but we are not broken. We have survived, and we will continue to survive. We will protect our home and each other. We will rebuild and allow Pandora to heal her wounds, and we will move together into the future."

Neytiri smiled at him as she finished her translation. He offered a weak smile back to her. He had heard almost the same speech once during his days as a marine. He thought it was appropriate, and he really wasn't much for public speaking, so he knew he could never come up with anything that inspirational on his own. But when Neytiri smiled at him, and he heard the slow rumble of applause and cheers coming from the people he was supposed to lead, he felt a twinge of regret that he had not come up with those words himself.

He turned back towards the people and tried to shout over the comotion. "First we need to find a suitable place to live. We need shelter and we need food. We'll divide into groups." He glanced over at Tsu'Tey. He saw the anger and fear in Tsu'Tey's eyes. The fear frightened him.

"Tsu'Tey will give out assignments and directions for each group. We must begin the rebuilding today."

Upon hearing his name, Tsu'Tey jumped abit, as if drawn out of a daydream. He looked at Jake, but Jake could not read his eyes now. Tsu'Tey nodded, slightly, and began organizing the men and women into groups. Jake felt a bit of relief wash over him; with Tsu'Tey as his second in command, he knew that the people would feel more at ease. Who was he kidding? He would feel more at ease, too. He knew that this job was too big to tackle without someone who knew Pandora better than he did.

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  1. Blogger DoktorPeace | 5:21 AM |  

    I laughed just looking at that pic of JakeSully you selected. Well done.

  2. Blogger DoktorPeace | 5:22 AM |  


  3. Blogger Lady Amy | 1:46 PM |  

    Are you saying that I'll never fulfill my dream of becoming a financially successful blogger because that doesn't exist, Brigitte?!?!

    Didn't you see my excellent reporting on fast food yesterday?

    I already quit my day job in hopes of The Blogulator really taking off!

  4. Blogger qualler | 3:56 PM |  

    Like you mentioned to me yesterday, Brigitte, I now want to imagine everything Jake Sully says as said by Jack Sawyer from Lost. Jake Sully = JS, which is also Jack Sawyer's initials, and the same number of syllables...coincidence?!? I think not!!!

  5. Blogger Papa Thor | 12:57 PM |  

    I know this is an old post and no one reads old ones, but I finally saw Avatar and I can say: I see you, Brigitte, and your very fine fan fiction.

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