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Friday Question of the Day

It's Friday, folks, which means total irreverence, amiright? Can't you tell already by the quirky spelling of the commonly-said-out-loud phrase "am I right?"

Folks, folks, folks, what I want to ask you, the general blogosphere today, is a little question. Now, there's been a lot of stuff going around in the pop culture ether here in Minnesota. For one, we could discuss the Minnesota Vikings, who play in the NFC Championship this weekend, vs. the New Orleans Saints. We could talk about our thoughts on New Orleans-related pop culture, such as Fox's short-lived series K-Ville, or HBO's upcoming David Simon drama Treme, or talk about how much of a d-bag Harry Connick, Jr. is. Or, we could talk about the fact that Prince just wrote a fight song for the Minnesota Vikings that was released on local Fox 9 News @ 9 last night, and discuss its resemblance to an unusually dirge-like demo on your Casio keyboard you got when you were seven years old.

We could also discuss the merits of Conando leaving NBC, taking $45 million for himself and his staff, and running off to Fox, or, now potentially, USA, TNT, TBS, Showtime, FX, or HBO. We could talk about how Jay Leno is obviously a total d-bag, or how NBC has put itself into this situation. But, I think you're as sick of talking about this as I am.

No, what I really want to discuss is this: Pay It Forward, the painfully awful movie from 2000 starring Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, Jay Mohr, and Haley Joel Osment. It was on HBO2 this morning and made me laugh at the awfulness of it all once again. So, the question is this:

Is Pay It Forward the worst movie of the decade? Or merely one of the worst?


(p.s. GO VIKINGS!!!)

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  1. Blogger chris | 9:38 AM |  

    Haha wow that Vikings song is terrididdle. It sounds like the MN rouser on acid in the early 90s.

    Ooh an HBO Conan show could be amazing.

    But to answer the question at hand: YES. I think it just may be. Perhaps THAT should be the next Quest? Finding the worst movie of the decade? Hmm though that would require watching nothing but bad movies for weeks and weeks...

  2. Blogger qualler | 9:56 AM |  

    Haha, that would be pretty difficult to sit through movies. Maybe just find the worst YouTube clips of the worst movies then?

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