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Stars: They're Nothing Like Us (Big Brother is Watching)

Now that we are past our 2009 nostalgia, The Blogulator is ready to put the old year to bed and start focusing on 2010. For the first truly 2010 post, I am going to bring out the conspiracy theorist in you. So put on your tin foil hat and enjoy the ride!

You know how you do things when you think you're alone that you'd never do if you knew people were watching? Like cook dinner naked or fart really loudly...

...or take a bath outside on your front lawn? Observe below:

The first big lesson that we have to learn from celebrities in 2010 is that Big Brother really IS always watching. And I don't mean that crappy reality TV show (that surprisingly lasted 12 seasons - just in the U.S.!) that no one has watched since the first episode. What I mean is that someone really is watching you and your home at all times. Someone knows when you shovel your driveway or paint your house. Someone knows when you have company over and where you park your car at night. Via satellite technology, someone has constant surveillance on you. And that someone's name is Google.

The man in the picture above, Flaming Lips member Wayne Coyne, probably thought it would be a great time to bathe outside -- no one around but that creep who looks like he's strolling by just a little too close to the tub -- but Mr. Coyne underestimated the omnipresent Google Maps Street View. Google Maps' "street view" function did seem like a very novel idea when it first came out, and slowly but surely we are all surrendering our lives and pledging allegiance to the Google Corporation. For now it's watching our homes from outer space, but what's next? Google Maps Pedestrian View? Google Maps Home Interior View? Google Homes Bedroom View?! Ah! But then again, its usability and convenience and groundbreaking new functions are sooooo worth my lousy personal freedom!

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  1. Blogger chris | 9:32 AM |  

    A Facebook comment:

    "It being Wayne, I think he may have known that Google Maps was coming and did this intentionally. If so it is very funny." -Dan C.

  2. Blogger Papa Thor | 8:37 AM |  

    Mmm, good point Chris. I tell my kids every time they think I am being "lame" that I am doing it as a "joke", and we all laugh heartily!

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