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I'm Back!

Hey fans! It's been awhile since we've corresponded. I've missed you, too! No, I've missed YOU more! No, I've missed...OK enough of that. Let's get down to business.

What's new in Brigitte's life of pop culture? I'm glad you asked. Make it or Break it and Secret Life of the American Teenager are now back with new seasons (does it count as a new season if the last one ended in the fall? Can seasons just start and stop whenever networks want?). SLAT is still totally unwatchable. Sadly, Make it or Break it has become less watchable, too. After only a few weeks, I've already lost interest. I'm not sure what has changed...maybe the lives of young gymnasts only really holds my interest over a summer. Now that the premise of the show has lost its novelty, I'm not sure that there is enough to keep the audience (read: me) interested. I'll give it a couple more weeks, but what I really need is Gossip Girl to return and save my Monday nights.

Remember that pregnancy pact scandal that happened way back in 2008, when 9 high school girls got pregnant at the same time in the small town of Gloucester, MA? Well, Lifetime does! And now it's been turned into a movie, appropriately (if not creatively) titled Pregnancy Pact. It airs this Saturday, and I have moderate expectations. Look for a review next week.

Qualler and I got a PS3 for Christmas, which means we have a blu-ray player! And we purchased our first blu-ray disc, Edward Scissorhands. This movie is one of the earliest theater-going memories I have. I saw it in theaters in 1990, at the tender age of 7. And boy was I freaked out. After two months of nightmares and a lot of reassurance that Johnny Depp did not, in fact, live in my closet, I moved on and tried to put the nightmarish experience out of my head. It wasn't until years later when I revisited this film as an adult that I really fell in love with it.

Like everyone else, I saw Avatar...and loved it! Or did I hate it? I'm not going to waste your time with a review, readers. What I will do, however, is write a bit of Avatar fan fiction with each blog post. Here's a little sneak peak:

After waking up in his new, alien body and surveying the landscape and people that had united to defeat the humans, Jake Sully embraced Neytiri. "We did it, Jakesoolly," she whispered, her beautiful eyes glistening. "We did it." He held her tighter, and sighed. "Yes," he said, "but there is still so much work to be done..."

Neytiri's eyes moved from Jake's kind, worried eyes to his handsome brow, then beyond him to the dying landscape. Yes, the war had ended, but will they survive what must come next?

"Hey," Jake whispered, lightly brushing Neytiri's face and stooping to meet her gaze. "It's going to be OK." She met his eyes and feigned a smile. He held her tighter. "I promise you," he said. "We can get through this." She knew that he meant it. She wanted to trust him; she knew that if anyone could lead her people through this difficult time, he could. She believed in him, but she was still afraid of what the future would hold for Pandora. Would this attack be the last? Would her people and her home move beyond survival and begin to thrive again?

"You need to say something, Jakesooly," she said, piercing his eyes with hers. "You must build their hope. You speak, and I will translate."

Jake nodded. He knew what he had to do. He had been a leader through war, and now he had to lead his people to peace and comfort. After the wave of relief which passed through the land after the last human left subsided, a new kind of fear had set in. He had to be even stronger for them now than ever before, and he knew what he had to say. He rose and turned to face the people--his people.

Stay tuned for more as the untold chapter of Avatar unfolds!

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  1. Blogger Papa Thor | 8:45 AM |  

    Aaaahhhh! I hope that's not one of the Blogulators!
    BTW: Brigitte, your cousin just had a baby, which makes four cousins with kids now, but you keep doing what you're doing, good for you!

  2. Blogger chris | 8:47 AM |  

    Baaahahaha I have been waiting so long for Avatar fan fiction as written by Brigitte!!!

    I can't wait to read JC's script for Avatar 2 side by side with a collection of your blog posts and see how similar they are.

    BTW JC = James Cameron, not Jesus Christ. Though, what's the difference really?

  3. Blogger qualler | 2:17 PM |  

    More Avatar fan-fic pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeze! Maybe JC will hire you to write the screenplay for AVTR2.

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