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Cable Television Rundown: Margene Recovers The Fumble

As a Vikings fan, last night's particularly soul-crushing loss to the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship game was, well, particularly soul-crushing. Soul-crushing because of the valiant play of their defense, holding the high-powered Saints offense to under 300 yards, stifling their play when they needed to the most (i.e. most of the second half), then consistently fumbling and/or throwing interceptions on offense (and, on one occasion, fumbling right after I said something to the effect of "Adrian Peterson has already fumbled twice...he couldn't possibly fumble again, could he" *cue Adrian putting the ball on the ground, again.*)

But, the most soul-crushing part was when I started to really think the Vikings were going to win, when they got the ball back with the game tied 28-28 with less than 2 minutes to play, and all they really needed to do was get into field goal range, line up a field goal, run the clock down, then kick it in to get the Vikings to their first Super Bowl in my lifetime. (And I've had 27 years of lifetime anticipating that moment; watch my home videos of my fifth birthday party to confirm.) So when they had the ball in pretty deece field goal position, and then turned the ball over so they wouldn't even get a chance to try for that win...well, in a lifetime of pretty damn soul-crushing losses while following this particular NFL team, this one takes the cake.

Thankfully, I was able to catch Big Love after the game with my friends, and, while my overall feelings toward this fourth season are somewhat mixed (more on that next Monday), I cannot begin to express how much Margene from Big Love lifted my spirits in this episode.

Margene has truly blossomed as a character since the beginning of the show, starting mainly as Bill's total hottie-but-kinda-ditzy wife and slowly turning into an independent woman of her own. And then she did her Home Shopping Network thing, and then totally kissed her not-by-blood-but-sister-wife-Barb's-actual-son for comfort / as an extension of her slowly realizing that Bill treating her like a little girl is totally degrading for a learning-to-be-a-totally-strong-person person like Margene.

All I can really say is, after feeling about as crushed as one can feel from an athletic event that ultimately has no meaning in my personal well-being, Margene from Big Love lifted my spirits immensely. Margene, I salute you.

Read her personal blog here.

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  1. Blogger chris | 9:45 AM |  

    That was the best ending to a Big Love ep (that didn't involve death) ever!

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