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Kids Today: Guidos and Guidettes

Well, MTV has done it again. Their newest reality show, Jersey Shore, premiered last Thursday with a 2 hour special. Qualler and I watched the entire thing. And we enjoyed every minute of it. Qualler commented that he liked Jersey Shore because it's a lot like The Real World, only instead of lots of different kinds of douche bags, they're all the same kind of douche bag. Well put, Qualler.

The premise of this show is very much like The Real World, except that all the contestants are Italian-Americans (a group that I forget to stereotype sometimes, so thanks for reminding me, MTV) all from New Jersey. They are also all self identified Guidos and Guidettes, which I thought was a derogatory term, but apparently it's something to take great pride in. The group of young people, four boys and four girls, spend the summer together at the Jersey shore in a house that is also full of Italian-American stereotypes, like Scarface posters on the wall. Do the Guido's mind? Of course not! They LOVE Scarface. They also love peppers, Italian sausage, eating big meals together, gold crosses, their mothers...and of course they know how to party.

One of the Guidettes, Nicole "Snooki", got sloppy on the first night, and so of course now she's the outcast. Poor thing! The next night (or maybe a couple nights later? I have a difficult time keeping track of the passage of time as one douchey day just bleeds into the next...) the boys brought home some girls, and the girls who were already in the house were not happy!

Another Guidette, Sammi "Sweetheart" (though I have yet to see anything very sweet about her) has already hooked up with two guys, one of whom refers to himself (and his abs) as Mike "The Situation." He is 29 years old. Another Guidette, Jenni "JWOWW" (yep, two Ws) hooked up with Pauly (my favorite Guido so far) even though she has a boyfriend back home. Uh oh! Looks like some serious DRAMA to come.

I'm not sure why, but this show is so hilarious that I've watched it twice, and enjoyed it both times. I cannot wait for the new episode tomorrow night. If you watch just one crappy reality program on MTV this month (and you probably should only watch one) this should be it! You'll be drinking shots with your buddies, eating some peppahs, and starting all your sentences with "how you gonna be ---ing" in no time!

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  1. Blogger chris | 8:54 AM |  

    How you gonna be telling me about this new episode and not invitin' me over to watch it?!

    Translation: Can I come over tonight and watch it?!?!?!

  2. Blogger qualler | 10:46 AM |  

    After about 30 minutes, I started feeling like there were tons of sweaty six-packs with cross tattoos all up in my face, but it was more like eating the biggest calzone in the world with all kinds of hot peppahs in it, feeling really sweaty and bloated, then thinking about how delicious the calzone was later and eating it again.

    Yeah come on ovah and we'll watch some Jehhsey Shoahh!

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