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Without Heather: Week One.

Week one without Heather. America's Next Top Model is just not the same.

This week's episode did, however, include one of my favorite ANTM features: Tyra was the photographer! That's right, folks! She can also TAKE the pictures. In case we weren't already convinced that Ms. Banks is so much more than the average top model, a few cycles ago (or was it just last cycle? It's hard to remember, they all seem to blend...plus the frequent marathon re-runs on VH1 sometimes confuse me as to which season is which) Tyra showed us all that in addition to being a model, producer, actress, singer (remember that music video the girls appeared in two cycles ago?) she is also a budding photographer.

The girls posed in another ridiculous, stereotypical Chinese setting, and they had the challenge of working with crazy hair! And, of course, the real challenge of working with Tyra.

In the end, none of the pictures really turned out that well, and Bianca was sent home. I don't remember why. Something about not "bringing it" to the shoot this week...Quite frankly, the thrill of this cycle of ANTM is totally gone for me. I already know that autism loses. I don't really care that much for any of the remaining contestants, though I'm hoping the blond who looks like a muppet person gets the boot next week.

Though ANTM is no longer that exciting, I still have this week's Gossip Girl waiting for me in the wonderful world that is my dvr. Next week, in lieu of Gossip Girl, the CW will be airing a new reality program in which mother/daughter teams compete in a beauty pageant. I can't wait!

Now back to VH1's I Love the Holidays, because, as Mr. Qualler said, "they've run out of decades to love." (He then added "I love Home Improvement" as another suggestion for the VH1 I Love series. Or maybe he was just declaring his love for Home Improvement...honestly, I have to say that Home Improvement is one of the few syndicated series that I cannot stand to watch, despite my thinking it was one of the best shows on television back in 1995.)
Poor Jill! She really had to put up with a lot...at least she had that wise neighbor to talk to. He was so wise...

But, like I was saying, I really do love these VH1 programs. Maybe that's because I'm getting old...so I'll say goodnight and complete my evening with some hot coco, snuggled up with a good quilt, and watching I Love the Holidays (though I'm pretty sure I already saw this one...maybe last December?).

Hey everyone, remember that song "Feliz Navidad?" Wasn't that crazy? Seriously!

I'll leave you with some lines from the show.

(one Feliz Navidad)
I guess Mexicans need a Christmas song, too!
sounds like "fleas on my dog!"
(one Black Friday)
I've been trampled to death several times...
you could be woken up by..Ice Tea...


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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:59 PM |  



  2. Blogger nicole | 5:58 AM |  

    Even though Heather can't win ANTM, she's moved on to a bigger scene: possible National Spokeswomen for Asperger's Syndrome (see this article in the New York Times, http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/04/health/04well.html?ei=5087&em=&en=fcc463a4bc99f142&ex=1197090000&pagewanted=print). Getting your picture taken for Seventeen Magazine is small potatoes: being part of a national campaign in all media? Upgrade!

  3. Blogger Brigitte | 10:41 AM |  

    that's true, good for heather. still, bad for me, the viewer of ANTM.

  4. Blogger chris | 12:13 PM |  

    i don't get the ice tea joke!!! ALERT!!! someone help me!!!!

    i love those vh1 shows. they're the best to eat leftovers to and fall in and out of naps through. i plan on watching copious amounts over the holidays. especially pop culture world series!!!

  5. Blogger Brigitte | 1:01 PM |  

    i didn't get the ice tea joke either...for some reason he would call people on black friday and do like...shopping advertisements? or just remind them to shop? i didn't really understand...that's just a line i took directly from one of the commentators, and that was all she said before it cut away to someone else...

  6. Blogger Brigitte | 1:02 PM |  

    also...when i said "one feliz navidad" and "one black friday" i should have said "on."

    i could go back and edit this, but...m'eh.

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