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I just wanted to say...

Hey everybody, I'm excited for the new Gossip Girl tomorrow night. Sean here, sorry this post is gonna be small on substance but I've got exams this week and I've been a little busy. Here's a picture drawn by yours truly. Call it fan-art.

50 points to anyone that can correctly identify the six characters.

That's all for me. I hope to see you on the comment boards after tomorrow's ep. Later.

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  1. Blogger DoktorPeace | 3:18 AM |  

    I like this picture better than the spread in TV Guide this week. Somehow, this is more lifelike than standard line-up-the-cast fare.

    As a non-viewer, I will now guess the cast from left to right:
    1. Young Jay Leno (not Little Jay Leno)
    2. Elaine Benes dancing.
    3. Charlie Brown.
    4. Megan Mullally's sister.
    5. Kristin Cavallari
    6. Rob Corddry

  2. Blogger qualler | 9:09 AM |  

    AMAZING! I call for fan-art in every Sean post!!

  3. Blogger qualler | 9:10 AM |  

    p.s. The guy in the middle is Chuck, aka EYEBROWS!

  4. Blogger Katherine | 9:23 AM |  

    From the left:
    5. serena
    6. chuck


    sean, you are truely an artist.

  5. Blogger chris | 10:18 AM |  

    niiiiice, i especially like the cursive font (which looks eerily familiar but i can't place it) and the cw logo...

    here are my guesses--

    1) chuck (looks mean)
    2) jenny (looks innocent and super skinny)
    3) nate (looks depressed that his dad's on coke)
    4) blair (looks depressed that nate dumped her)
    5) serena (looks like she's judging everyone constantly)
    6) dan (looks like his dad is a former mid-90s alt-rocker)

    p.s. i have to catch up on the last episode still, so maybe my theories are moot!

  6. Blogger Brigitte | 1:25 PM |  


    i especially enjoy eyebrows. however, i think blair is prettier than your drawing gave her credit for...

  7. Blogger Katherine | 2:03 PM |  

    agree! blair is quite pretty in tv life

  8. Blogger chris | 2:38 PM |  

    oh man you're right, eyebrows has to be chuck, also because he's depressed that blair won't have him!!! and nate doesn't look mean, he looks like he finally has jenny so he can "be real" with someone!!!

    but dan is clearly the one on the right, staring off at serena, ostracized from the rest of the group...

    blair is not pretty. she's too cherubic. actually, come to think of it, dan's the only cute one. serena has too much hair and is amazonian, nate looks like josh hartnett (nice version), chuck looks like josh hartnett (mean version), and jenny looks like a baby.

  9. Blogger Nicole | 2:58 PM |  

    The actress who plays Jenny is actually 14 years old, which means she really looks the age of the character she's playing (as opposed to Andrea Zuckerman). Everyone else just looks old and like Josh Hartnett by comparison!

  10. Blogger Sean | 3:45 PM |  

    ok, in my head it was
    left to right.
    1. dan
    2. serena
    3. nate
    4. blair
    5. jenny
    6. chuck (i tried to get the hair right)

    dan is happy with serena, nate and blair are made at each other, jenny is foregrounded cause she's young and chuck stares creepily on (he also looks like he's a high school principal or something)

    i agree, blair is way hotter than my cartoon makes her seem. a lot of your comments make solid cases for the people.
    yeah, that is definitely a charlie brown inspired sweater.

  11. Blogger Sean | 9:24 PM |  

    did anyone else feel bad for chuck tonight? poor dude.
    i think i like jenny the least. she's pointless.

  12. Anonymous Mike | 6:11 AM |  


    Perhaps Sean's cursive writing is similar to the writing on the Maritime album "We The Vehicles"?

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