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Blogulator Radio 73: Mental Gasps

It's pilot season! And because Chris and Jerksica like to binge on both television and judging, they have watched nearly a dozen new shows that have aired on the major networks so far this fall and would like to share their opinions about them with you. There are three sitcoms they both genuinely like that they've discussed already and check back in on a few episodes into their debut seasons (including FOX's The Mindy Project at the top of their list), an unfortunate handful that neither Chris nor Jerksica have any affection for (such as NBC's confusingly lauded Revolution, the dreadful Ryan Murphy "comedy" The New Normal, and much more), and finally a number of shows they disagree on. There's some that Jerksica enjoys much to the bewilderment of Chris (*cough cough* Animal Practice) and some that Chris is a sucker for despite Jerksica's constant eye-rolling (like the ABC dramas Nashville and Last Resort). And last but not least they check in on some of their favorite returning shows that have premiered recently, especially NBC's Parks & Recreation and the surprisingly well-retooled New Girl and Up All Night. So yes, there is a lot going on here. Buckle up.

0:00-12:33 New Shows Chris & Jerksica Like
12:33-27:57 New Shows Chris & Jerksica Dislike
27:57-39:12 New Shows Upon Which Chris & Jerksica Have Mixed Opinions
39:12-50:25 Returning Shows Chris & Jerksica Like

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