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Blogulator Radio 67: Breaking Bits and Boardwalks

In this week’s episode of Blogulator Radio, Qualler and Brigitte attempt and flail at a few “bits” that they flailed wildly at, because they remember a time when they thought they were going to be performers on Saturday Night Live like their favorite castmember, Dana Carvey (seriously, they both love Dana Carvey, but this episode is not about Dana Carvey sadly, but we digress.) Nevertheless, they get some good TV talk in, manage to remind listeners to check out the latest episode of The Voice Behind featuring Nicholas Briggs, the voice of the Daleks on Doctor Who, and get into discussion of the following topics:

0:00-3:15 – Bickering over what the topics are of the day
3:15-4:45 – Making fun of The Newsroom
4:45-21:15 – Breaking Bad, season five, episodes five and six
21:15-22:15 – Being incredulous about the fact that ESPN creepily shows the Little League World Series
22:15-23:15 – Breaking Bad bit — Brigitte as Jesse/Skylar, Qualler as Walt
23:15-45:30 – Boardwalk Empire bit, then talking about the first season
45:30-1:02 – Weekend Comfort Food, like CBS Sunday Morning and Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Miami Dolphins

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