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Blogulator Radio 65: The Olympics Are Not (Breaking) Bad And Also Homeland

Qualler and Brigitte, seemingly out of different Breaking Bad-style puns that they can shoehorn into their Bad recap episodes, have nevertheless shoehorned in the title of said show into the episode title. But before digging into the spoiler-heavy discussion of season five's fourth episode "Fifty-One", Qualler and Brigitte discuss what is on the background of televisions all over the country these past couple weeks: the 2012 Summer Olympics! They tackle subjects such as, "What is up with NBC not showing everything constantly live like whoa, amiright?" and "What's up with Gabby Douglas's hair?" They round up their discussion with a SUPER spoiler-heavy deconstruction of the first season of Showtime's Homeland. Non-spoiler: this is an awesome show. Another non-spoiler: they made it through an entire episode WITHOUT once bashing The Newsroom! That's progress! 

Show breakdown:

00:00-16:45 The Olympics
16:45-38:50 Breaking Bad season five episode four: "Fifty-One"
38:50-56:22 Homeland season one

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