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Blogulator Radio Episode 61 - Louie & Tim, Not Will or Bill

Chris and Jerksica return to Blogulator Radio after a few weeks off due to baby-raising and what have you and boy do they have a lot to talk about. This week’s episode is split into two parts, not unlike the way their two most recommended shows discussed within the netcast itself. First they’ll catch you up on what’s worth watching that’s currently airing on the boob tube, the most important being the third season of FX’s Louie. Between the little girl from Sleepless in Seattle, Melissa Leo, and the best gorilla joke of all time, y’all should watch. Chris also takes a minute to recommend TNT’s sophomore season of Falling Skies for all the soft-sci-fi fans out there. Lastly, they quickly agree with Qualler and Brigitte from a couple weeks back that ABC Family’s Bunheads is pleasant and HBO’s The Newsroom (especially lead character Will McAvoy) is entertainingly horrendous. Then for the second half of the show Chris and Jerksica dive into old television they’ve been watching during the new-show-drought of the summer and heartily recommend the entire animated series The Life & Times of Tim, available on HBO Go. Unfortunately, they also spent too much time finally completing HBO’s polygamy saga Big Love after a long break from the show after its disappointing fourth season. What was once a solid family drama surrounding Bill Henriksen and his three wives wrapped up in rushed and ill-planned fashion. Listen to find out why and check back next week when Chris, Qualler, and Brigitte give the skinny on the much-anticipated fifth season premiere of AMC’s Breaking Bad!

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