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Blogulator Radio 59: Our Favorite Blood Types: Vampire Diaries Season Three

Click here for a complete breakdown of The Vampire Diaries' third season, among other things. Like, Paul Wesley's hair.

In a Very Special Episode of Blogulator Radio (and aren't they all Very Special?), Qualler and Brigitte invite Vampire Diaries AV Club recapper Carrie Raisler to the netcast, along with Blogulator co-hort and #TVD megafan Chris Castro. Within the spoiler-heavy context of the hour-long episode, the crew discuss topics like: What is Caroline's favorite blood type? (Hint: Qualler knows, in a somewhat creepy kind of way.) Who is more handsome: Damon or Stefan? How has Elena evolved from mega-bland to somewhere-between-bland-and-not-bland? Isn't Bonnie just the worst? What are the long-term prospects for The Original Family to get their own sitcom? What's up with Jeremy always disappearing for a few episodes at a time? How does Elijah's hair stay so perfect? What's gonna happen in season four now that...well, damn, if you haven't watched the entire third season, you probably should go do that before you listen to this episode, right? For those who are caught up: stay tuned to the very end for a reminder of the awesomeness that was the third season of The Vampire Diaries.

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