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Blogulator Radio 54: Dawson's Creek: The Netcast

It's been a totally internet-less week for the Qualler-Brigitte family, and the internet-less streak continued through this weekend, meaning they had lost their chance to catch up on  and finish The Vampire Diaries season three, which came to a (reportedly stirring) conclusion last Thursday. Meaning, our planned episode doing our postmortem (GETITTHEYAREVAMPIRES) on season three with Carrie Raisler from The AV Club and Chris Castro from The Blogulatoris put on hold for the next few weeks while we catch up. BUT! Qualler and Brigitte DID complete their journey through Kevin Williamson's OTHER very popular long-running teen-centered drama series Dawson's Creek and, for the first time, gather all of their thoughts on the entire series into one compact 72 minute netcast. We laugh at the good times, have some tears over the hard ones (literally, if you were ever interested in hearing what Brigitte's crying triggers are, this episode is your chance to do that, you horrible sadist, you), and celebrate all that was and will ever be with The Beek from The Creek And His Friends. 

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