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Blogulator Radio Episode 55 - New Crap Airing This Fall Pt. 1

This week on Blogulator Radio, take a trip to the magical land of the upfronts, where creative television dreams are twisted and shlockified for network executives and target demographics. Every May the big five networks roll out their new programming for the fall at this sordid presentation and Chris and Jerksica would like to spend this week focusing on the new programming on ABC and CBS that you’ll be welcoming to your television (whether you like it or not) in the latter part of 2012. In this week’s first installment of previewing the trailers and press releases for first season series that may or may not be canceled before the pilot even makes it to Hulu, Chris and Jerksica skewer and ponder the possibilities of new shows like Mistresses, Nashville, Malibu Country, and Zero Hour (and more!) on ABC and Last Resort, Vegas, Partners, and Elementary on CBS. The exciting claptrap that FOX, NBC, and The CW have to offer you will all be covered in next week’s episode. In the meantime, enjoy the skepticism!

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