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Blogulator Radio 57: Game of Thrones Meets The Never-Ending Story

Hey, check it out! It's a highly topical fresh new episode of Blogulator Radio! Yes, straight from Sunday evening's record-breaking airing of HBO's new signature smash hit series Game of Thrones, Chris, Qualler and Brigitte dissect the minutia that was the second season. (And, as one would expect, there are MEGA-SPOILERS for those who have not finished season two included in the episode.) Among the things they discuss: their favorite characters of the season, their least favorite characters, the gratuitous nudity, the comparison between watching as a reader of the books and watching as a non-reader of the books, how cute Dany's dragons are (THE CUTEST!), geeking out at the extremely well-directed-and-written penultimate episode "Blackwater", the excitement / frustration at how the TV series / book series takes forever to get to the supercool magic stuff, and comparing Dany's journey through the House of the Undying to a similar journey a character takes in The Never-Ending Story, one of the only other Fantasy epics that the gang has also enjoyed. Yes, we are probably the only denizens of the Internet to compare and contrast Game of Thrones to The Never-Ending Story. Also, how goofy does Theon Greyjoy look in that picture? I know, right?

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