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Blogulator Radio 60: The Newsiest Newsroom Of All

In this week's installment of Blogulator Radio, Brigitte and Qualler discuss the merits and demerits of Aaron Sorkin's latest "Hey Everybody, Shouldn't You Be As Smart As Me Cuz I'm Awesome And A White Guy Who Probably Know Better Than You, Internet Girl?" (okay, that was a bit harsh) television program The Newsroom, based solely on the pilot episode and the buzz surrounding the series in general, cuz that's what they do. In addition, they talk about the first few episodes of the similarly auteur-led series Bunheads, written by Amy Sherman-Palladino. (They're still waiting for a YouTube video similar to the Sorkinisms video that made the rounds yesterday. Palladinoisms, anybody?) They also have a few words for Lifetime's latest in its unofficial Dangers Of The Internet, Mostly To Do With Affairs Your Husband / Son / Male Figure In Your Life Is Having Because Of It film series talhotblonde, which was directed(!!!) by Courtney Cox. Finally, they have a few words for the newest seasons of the multiple iterations of Real Housewives. You get to hear Qualler's version of The Countess Luann's hit single "Money Can't Buy You Class." (Minus the heavy, heavy vocodor, unfortunately.) You get to hear Qualler talk about how awesome Homeland and Enlightened are, two shows from 2011 that he's catching up on. And it's all topped off by the theme song to Garfield and Friends, because that's how they roll.

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