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Blogulator Radio 64: How To Join A (Television) Cult

"Cult TV" is a term that's been bandied about for years, but has never really made much sense to Chris and Jerksica. So when Entertainment Weekly ran a second edition of its Top 25 Cult TV Series of All Time for its latest issue, naturally they had a few things to say about it. What follows is a sprawling conversation about the definition of cult pop culture, the increasing prominence of sci-fi/fantasy television, and the boons and pratfalls of extended mythologies amongst geek shows. Including commentary on everything from rabidly adored short-lived sitcoms like Arrested Development and Party Down to strangely quirky and unique dramas like Twin Peaks and Veronica Mars, is the branding of "cult TV" in the internet age just another way to say "great and greatly missed TV"? Also, what did EW inevitably leave off the too-truncated list that infuriated Chris and Jerksica (and maybe yourself)?

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