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Blogulator Radio Episode 62 - Honey, I Broke Bad

Chris, Qualler, and Brigitte gather round the coffee table this week to get hyper about the new season of AMC’s tour de force drama Breaking Bad, which premiered this week, in case this is the only nerdy web site you have frequented in the past month or so. At first it’s tough for the trio to wrap their heads around the idea of talking at length about what is ostensibly just one episode, and a very introductory/self-contained story at that, but after a not-so-brief tangent on the topic of shrinking (à la Rick Moranis) they have no trouble plumbing the depths of the show’s uniquely memorable characters, plot developments, and storytelling techniques. In its two-part final season, there is much to anticipate, predict, and analyze, so join the BR crew as they discuss everything from Jesse Pinkman’s not-so-secret brilliance to Walter White’s debatable and/or inevitable demise and more. If you, like so many, are addicted to the exploits of meth production in Albuquerque as depicted by the dad from Malcolm in the Middle, then take a listen. And we will no doubt be back many times throughout Season 5, Part 1 to continue to conversation.

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