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Blogulator Radio 66: The Subtle Differences Between Incredulous Looks and Blank Stares

Chris and Jerksica have realized that it's pretty hard to record a single take hour-long netcast when there is a baby that is constantly pooping, crying, and not letting them have pretentious conversations about television in their midst. So, here's something new (to them, not to the world of netcasting): a four-part episode with each segment focusing on a new aspect of TV discussion. Join them this week as they review Go On and Animal Practice (NBC's two new comedies whose pilots were previewed during the Olympics), as well as talk some in-development news about The Americans (FX's new spy drama starring Keri Russell) and more, plus their new feature, the Netflix Pick o' the Week, in which they...uhhh...pick a show available on Netflix Watch Instantly that they think is pretty cool.

0:00-12:04 -- Go On 
12:04-31:20 -- TV News: FX's spy drama, Kelsey Grammer's police procedural, and Joss Whedon's Marvel series
31:20-42:48 -- Netflix Pick o' the Week: Cheers 
42:48-52:41 -- Animal Practice

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