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Blogulator Radio 70 - "Damian Lewis's Face"

Chris and Jerksica semi-reluctantly watched the Emmys this week, along with the rest of the TV-loving world. And also like the rest of the TV-loving world, they have some opinions about it. They discuss the competency of the broadcast itself, some un-televised awards they care about because they're nerds (Best Main Title Theme or Best Main Title Design anyone?), and you know, who won (yay for Homeland! boo for Modern Family!) and who got snubbed (sob! sob! for Parks & Recreation and Community!). It's what you've come to expect from an awards round-up netcast, but with at least 70% more talk about Damian Lewis's large and discomforting face.

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  1. Blogger DoktorPeace | 6:56 PM |  

    Regarding Homeland: It does not have more testosterone than WWE Raw. In fact, it does not even have more testosterone than AJ Lee! Check it!

    A majority of the show is about dependency psychology and children (who solve every conflict), aka not dude stuff! And I should know cuz I throw up like a dude!

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