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Quick Hits: The 64th Annual Emmys / Feeling Shamed That We Are "Only TV" And Not Movies Awards

The Emmys were last night! It was a glorious night to celebrate all that is right with television. Like Jon Cryer of television's most beloved comedy, Two and a Half Men. Also, such megastars of film who were gracious enough to slum it on television, like Julianne Moore of HBO's Game Change and Kevin Costner of Hatfield & McCoys miniseries, which is also a genre of television that is universally beloved.

Seriously, though, I don't get why the Emmys spend so much friggin' time on miniseries and movies these days, especially considering other nominees like American Horror Story, Sherlock Holmes, and Luther are only nominated in that category on account of making it in by squeezing said series into that category due to rule technicalities. (Even though other series that could have made it in on the rule technicalities and had a legitimate reason to do so, like Luck from HBO, were not even nominated.)

Anyway, here were some other thoughts of mine on the television industry's annual reminder that people in the industry shouldn't judge shows in the industry (unless they are in agreement with me, of course!) Chris and Jerksica will have a lot more tomorrow in netcast form, but here are my written thoughts.

  • Wow, I'm remarkably pleased with Claire Danes and Damian Lewis sweeping the acting categories. Danes was a shoe-in, but Lewis' was much more nuanced and thus, I felt like he had less of a chance to pick up the acting. But we all know that when the Emmys decide something, they're gonna probably decide it for a long time.
  • That said, although the more I think about Homeland's first season being something of a perfect season of television, the more I wish it were set up as a one-season show. For one: the actual perfect ending to season one clearly would have been Tom Walker shooting Brody in the alley. Bam, terrorists still win the day in the end, Carrie Matheson still solves the terrorist quagmire (but still gets her memory wiped out, y'know, cuz of the patriarchy), we win but, ultimately, we lose. Instead, because of Showtime's record of running their valuable properties to the ground (a la Dexter and Weeds), we have no reason not to believe that this series peaked in its first season and, four more years down the road, will still be trotting Danes and Lewis out for a fifth season where they both keep Narrowly Avoiding Big Things Happening. I want to be optimistic about what happens creatively on this show in the future, but I just don't know.
  • Haha, suck it, Mad Men! 0 for 17! 
  • I'm so glad I didn't actually watch the Emmys live until the end, because man, Jimmy Kimmel is not a funny guy.
  • Oh yeah, Modern Family won again. It's starting to approach Frasier territory in terms of predictability of winning series awards, except that Frasier was a lot funnier. Modern Family is fine, though, and it could be worse, I guess. Even though, like our friend Carrie Raisler pointed out last night, I could name a lot of shows off the top of my head that are better comedies than Modern Family. (Girls, Curb Your EnthusiasmArcher, Louie, Parks & Recreation, Community, 30 Rock, Awkward, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, etc.)
  • Gigolos was not nominated for a single Emmy. Now, that is a real shame.

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