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Blogulator Radio 68: No Active Hate

Returning from the chaos of a new school year starting, Chris and Jerksica continue to wade through the barrage of network pilot previews available for the new fall season. FOX has released the first episodes of their two new flagship sitcoms The Mindy Project (featuring The Office's Mindy Kaling) and Ben & Kate (featuring Oscar winner Nat Faxon) on various On Demand platforms (check your local cable provider or Hulu) and Chris and Jerksica...don't actively hate them. In fact, they both might even have promise. Is FOX's Tuesday night going to be the new NBC Thursday night? They also look back into the past and talk Scrubs, a show they once hated but have grown to love since it went off the air. It's their Netflix Pick o' the Week. And lastly, TV news bits of note include shows in development revolving around Michael J. Fox, director Jodie Foster, and a reboot of Eddie Murphy's adventures of Axel Foley.

 0:00-20:50 The Mindy Project and Ben & Kate
20:50-27:22 Netflix Pick o' the Week: Scrubs 
27:22-42:36 TV News: S.H.I.E.L.D., Michael J. Fox sitcom, Showtime's "Female Sopranos", Beverly Hills Cop procedural

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