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Blogulator Radio 51: Girls, Girls, Girls, and a Dog with a Blog

It's a week of zeitgeist television, what with the premiere of HBO's highly anticipated and highly acclaimed new comedyGirls, along with the sure-to-be-zeitgeist-television announcement by the Disney Channel of the premiere of Dog with a Blog. Qualler and Brigitte ruminate on the premiere of Girls, which, in its premiere episode, definitely lives up to the hype. (Side note: the premiere is available online for free here. It is quite NSFW, by the way.) They also discuss Game of Thronesseason to date, in which Qualler, the reader of books, asks Brigitte what she thinks will happen and then acts a lot like the Kristin Wiig SNL character who "loves surprises." Beckett and Nico, Qualler and Brigitte's dogs, also discuss the many possibilities of Dog with a Blog. #sixseasonsandamovie

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