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Blogulator Radio Episode 48: Blow Them A New One

Chris and Jerksica return a full month since they last graced your computer speakers for a potpourri-style episode that ranges in discussion topics, but ultimately focuses on two ends of the TV spectrum: highbrow fare like the fifth season premiere of AMC’s smash hit drama Mad Men and lowbrow absentmindedness that they still love like NBC’s second season of the singing competition show The Voice. Also, Chris has a triumphant story about how he got Jerksica to watch the final ten minutes of the season finale of The Walking Dead, while Jerksica is not-so-happy to report that somehow they both found themselves drooling on themselves a few feet too far away from the remote and thus caught the first two episodes of the new reality show Fashion Star, in which contestants try to woo buyers from department stores with something called “bat sleeves.”

Far more importantly than any of this, however, Blogulator Radio is proud to announce an overhaul of their main site TheBlogulator.com starting April 9th, which will feature a new host of Twitterers, writers, and podcast co-hosters for a wider swath of you TV obsessives out there. Spread the word!

Blogulator Radio is brought to you in part by Netflix, where you can stream your favorite TV shows and movies from your TV, computer, or many other devices as often as you want for just 7.99 a month. Start your free two week trial today and help support independent netcasting. For up to the minute updates all up in your upness, be sure to subscribe to Blogulator Radio via iTunes or RSS.

Being a modern show for modern people, we’ve got all sorts of ways to find us online. We’ve got your Facebook and your Twitter and your Google+, and you can follow Qualler and Chris on Twitter as well. Of course we always welcome comments or questions either in the comments below or through email at bradio@fancypantsgangsters.com.

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