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Blogulator Radio Episode 43 - Diapers for Cats

Chris and Jerksica are back and have, as usual, watched a veritable shit-ton of television since the last time you heard from them. Unfortunately, there is also a veritable shit-ton of television they failed to watch. So consider this a cornucopia episode of ADHD proportions. They start by discussing NBC’s new highly-hyped drama Awake, the pilot for which you can view here at NBC.com before it airs on March 1st. They nitpick, but they like it a lot. Then comes discussion of new comedy on TV, including the triumphant return of 30 Rock, Comedy Central’s new sketch comedy show Key & Peele, and most of all, the joyous new season of ABC’s Cougar Town, which everyone should watch so it eeks by with another renewal (the rest of the internet agrees with us). Finally, there is some harsh criticism of FOX’s new JJ Abrams show Alcatraz, and mentions of a whole lot of other shows (both new and returning) that need to be watched talked about sometime on Blogulator Radio, but will have to wait another week or two. Join them (and their vocal cats) for some good old fashioned end-of-a-three-day-weekend television blabbering.

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