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Blogulator Radio Episode 40 - "Vampirez 'R Us: The Games People Play"

It's been a while since Qualler and Brigitte have been as addicted to a show as they are to The Vampire Diaries, but now that they are, it seems to be their personal goal in life to tell everybody ever to watch it so they can talk about it with more people. They even bugged everybody at the last Fancy Pants Gangsters Happy Hour to watch it non-stop, while Qualler has been crafting his Damon Salvatore imitation for some time now. (Spoiler alert: it scares people more than it charms people. Props to Ian Somerhalder for owning the character's amazing quirks so well.) So, in the back half of this episode of Blogulator Radio, Qualler and Brigitte discuss how they feel about the show at the point they are at - midway through season two. Before that, however, Qualler and Brigitte play a game of "Is It True?" where Qualler reads a pilot premise for a new network show and Brigitte guesses if it is true. This game (d)evolves into "Guess The Premise By The Title" and then into "Guess The Title By The Premise". They also discuss the new season of Archer and the new animated comedy series Unsupervised, both on FX.

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